Spanish Slate

Spain is the largest producer of natural roofing slate in the world, accounting for over 75% of global production. With production centred in the mountain regions around O’Barco in North West Spain.

Spanish Slates started to make their way into the UK market in the 1980s and have been used on many prestigious buildings.

Spanish Slate - Samaca Q53 Cropped LaidThe slate deposits of this area have varying natural characteristics with some producing very flat slates which can be split very thin and other quarries producing slates with greater texture similar to UK quarried materials.

Spanish slate colours vary from quarry to quarry – from Mid Grey through to Traditional Blue Greys and then onto Blue Black shades. This gives the customer massive scope to choose a slate that will suit their specific project’s needs.

All of the Spanish slates which we offering achieve top ratings in the European Standard – BSEN12326. We regularly monitor the test data from the quarries to ensure that quality and durability is consistent in every slate we supply.

We only worked with a handpicked selection of quarries where we know that we can ensure all our natural spanish slates are of the finest quality, and that they will perform correctly in the UK climate.

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